Sunday, April 15, 2012

same, same but different

and i was up there at the mantel-move AND i got the hold up left again:

but i did not found the blind-foothold (right) fast and good enough and then had from one second to another a total muscle-failure in my left arm - not beeing able to move anymore - and went down again...

BUT this time it was DIFFERENT!!! i got the missing link!!! while warming up i finally found out how to exactly move on the mantel to get that 1cm more hight to get that hold left hand for the mantel. it was all about micro-beta again... - happy cause i don't feel like i could get any stronger at the moment... i am already going on 150% every try... ;)

and i also started to fully "understand" the starting-move-sequence... so i don't have to try for 1hour anymore to get that first 4moves together...

so i just miss this little bit of luck, the "perfect" go... may i will get it monday??? it looks like (after days of rain) the weather could be just perfect; not too dry, not too cold, not too warm... we will see!!!


  1. it's cool to read these posts today...

  2. Hoffentlich bist du im tessin und kannst die bedingungen nutzen, das weekend sieht ja sehr warm aus...

  3. Dude!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!

  4. @redpoint:
    hehe, yep ich konnte die bed. sogar sehr gut nutzen.. ;) morgen mehr!

    thanks spy!!! hope youre fine as well!