Tuesday, January 31, 2012

snowy swizzy...

i was thinking about an "adventure-trip" to sustenpass to finish up the "schneehäschen-project". but sustenpass has some 5.5METERS of snow right now and its even getting more... 

lots of snow going down in north of swizzy...
its getting arctic-cold with a daily highest of -8C  (in ticino -3C) and now even the ticino and even cresciano gets its share of snow (at least not as much!).

cresciano at noon today

 so its time to escape: by saturday morning i will be climbing in the sun at +15C.
 HUECO i am coming ;)

pic by vcrux.com


  1. ahhhh dammit Martin that's not fair at all!!!
    well, I'm very psyched for you, destroy that place, make no prisoners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hehe lore, always psyched as hell - i will send you a postcard... ;)

    but i will let everything i place, no worries. i need to come back in shape first. so it will be "just" climbing as much as i can on easy/intermediates, then coming back home and THEN i will put down some hard shit ;))

  3. Wo kann ich diese Webcams finden?

  4. chironico: www.leventina.ch
    cresciano: www.swisswebcams.ch (bellinzona ins suchfeld eingeben)

  5. oh man, just what i would need right now... wish you all the best and a great trip!!! come back as a beast :-)