Tuesday, January 4, 2011


instead of freezing my ass of in the ticino i make use of the cold weather doing what cold weather really is made for: ripping POWDER-SNOW ;)

yesterday was one of the best FREERIDING days EVER for me. but see yourself:

(yes it is a snowboard, its a splitboard. highly recommanded for pow-touring!)

the LINE: riding left of sunny top - pretty much straight down ;)

the BIG days when you can ride CRAZY lines like the one above in deep-pow-snow in middle winter are very rare in the alps. the conditions MUST fit. and conditions-wise its even way crazier then with bouldering. especially the avalanche risk very often makes things too risky, and you can simply (and very fast) die if you push it to far in unstable snow-conditions. but if everything fits... the BIG day is on ;)

DROPPING - straight for 1200m pow ;)

you may have 2-3 REALLY good days in a year, like in climbing - a day like yesterday may just ONCE in every two/three years or less. and in this area i even can't remember one day during this time of the year when everything fitted so well together - so you MUST USE IT, there is NO WAY to miss it - you may will never get a day like that again...


 the vid (taken by another team, a week ago)

BIG thanx to the guys (who opened the line for this season) sharing the vid and showing the perfect condtions of the line!

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