Tuesday, December 7, 2010

funny? think twice!

i have great respect for what carlo and team america climbed in swizzy during the last few weeks (despite bad weather they really rocked!). they also made and published some nice footage (despite dont really getting the concept of sitdownstarts, but thats another story).

but now it looks like they really had to spend to much restdays inside. it started a while ago when carlo "defended" his downgrading of a new boulder (bella luna) chris webb parsons put up during one of these raining days in chironico. it was not the downgrading that puzzled me, it was "HOW" carlo explained himself. he missed to show any respect for chris's ascent and to the boulder itself.

chris on his fa of "bella luna", pic from chris
carlo says its not personal, but its at least not that clever to go that harsh after chris (and his new boulder) considering "the background" (chris is dating carlos exgirlfriend) - it just gave it a bad taste.

then it was "silent", but now carlo put out a new "funny" video. first it looks like an ironic little movie about the "flash-hype" - but if you think twice and take into account the "history" of the boulder then it gets a REAL bad taste! chris statement to the vid here.

       The Greatest Flasher from Carlo Traversi on Vimeo.

the start of the vid and the "shit"-ending have nothing to do with the "flash-king" but it shows what this vid was (also) about. i am sure (they) will pretend it was never their intention to do so - but if so, they badly failed in producing this vid, cause it (start/ending) speaks out clearly what the intention was. like a child that tries to defend his disrespectful behaviour in the past by just the same disrespectful behaviour. pretty embarrassing for carlo (and team america). but well, let them grow up, getting some life-experience and when the weather gets better, climbing will hopefully get back on focus. on the other hand its "great" to have finally a "reality-climbing-soap" going on - so we dont have to stay at desperate-housewives anymore ;)

but may carlo (and team america) will try to show a bit more respect next time they produce a vid they launch to the entire climbing-community. that was not professional at all and like that you dont bring climbing (and yourself) any further - think twice!


carlo posted a statement on that topic on his webpage. i am very glad he was able to show some empathy (others seem not to be able)

"....I see how it  [the movie] could be interpreted that way, and for that I apologize..."

and: "...this video was not created to reflect badly on Chris..."

hopefully next time he (they) is producing a "funny-vid" he dont has to explain himself about his intentions!


  1. Hi Martin,
    I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and I loved the EPIC story of your last major tick. Now you come up with this post about Traversi vids and recent comments... YOU'RE MY HERO!
    You couldn't be closer to my thoughts on the matter (and I didn't knnow about his ex-girl friend ;-) )
    Keep up the good climbing, stories and posts!
    Thanks for all

  2. ..danke martin..wenigstens einer der alles überreißt..echt lächerlich und überflüssig dieses video!hat chris echt getroffen..hoffe dir gehts gut, weden demnächst mal vorbei schauen, beste grüße aus muc

  3. totally agree with you there. the video is not smart, not funny, just of very bad taste. I think there's only one thing I enjoyed even less watching: lincoln lake giants..