Thursday, July 15, 2010

"magic" wood? NO: "shitty" wood!!!

"main trail" 10m below "octopussy" - watch down left...

can you believe "that"?! shitting right on a  main trail?! at least there woud be a big hole 10!!!cm left to dispose... but nope, just let it on the trail - nice present thanks!!!

so just go on, waste that wood: drop ALL your cigarettes to the soil, also your tape, chalk all the holds with 1m of chalk but NEVER brush a hold, dont dare to say hello, bring more beer, and very important: ghettoblasters!!! lets have PARTYYYYYYY - and let that idiots of "locals" clean up the SHIT after you. i know, "noooooo climber" will do shit like that, but then where is all that "shit" coming from??? there are just climbers in that magic shitty wood!!! 

i wish everybody a nice "shitty" summer in the wood - i am off to a diffrent playground

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