Sunday, May 16, 2010

what to do round3 - climb SICKhard stuff

while i was complaining about bad weather (well it really was bad most time). two guys showed great tactic abilities and made perfect use of some weatherwindows.

as by now everybody may knows, dai koyamada (beside many other hard sends) made the first repetition of dave grahams "story of two worlds" in cresciano - one of the hardest boulderproblems worldwide for sure - SICK strong.

dai in the "story", pic from his blog

then sebastian spauwen, a strong friend from the netherlands was in swizzy for a short visit. despite an ugly weatherforecast he quickly climbed in magic wood the wunderful line of "one summer in paradise" and was doing well on "newbaseline" - then he had to escape from the rain. so he went to the valais. there he made a super fast ascent of the fred nicole ULTRA classic "radja" (the worlds first 8B+). he did it in good style as he climbed the problem in the original version (skipping a chipped hold). SICK strong too!!!

sebastian on radja, pic from his blog

and yessss, weatherforecast for ticino turns finally NICE for next week. sunny, windy -->  fishtime ;)

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