Tuesday, October 27, 2020

"SWIZZY-COACHING" - unlock your full potential

super happy to present to you: „SWIZZY-COACHING“ - a way to unlock your full potential!

over the last two years i got more and more mails with questions from climbers from all over the world on how they could improve to climb their projects, on how to get stronger, get more resilient, leave that plateau and progress to be able to climb all those dream-lines just waiting out there.


we all struggle at one point but we all have some (hidden) potential! it was eye opening for me in the last two years to get so much stronger with 40+ years and to be able to climb moves barley possible in the years before (despite already having climbed a decade in the 8C-realm). surprisingly enough it’s sometimes just a little shift in training; technique, tactics, nutrition and (most underrated) the right mindset; but very often its a combination off the above. but many times people don't realize what is missing! an outside perspective form somebody with a lot of experience can help you identify those hidden potentials. And somebody who can show you how to be able to fully capitalize on this potential will speed up your journey by years!!! That is why I decided to introduce "SWIZZY-COACHING" to help you achieve your dreams as well!


To really make sure that you will make a significant step forward we have to look at the whole picture! most of the time more power alone does not make you send harder! there is so much interaction in between all of the relevant areas! When you simply burn out at the crag because you don't eat (enough) for performance all the power in the world doesn't help you for the send! That is why I suggest the "NINJA-SKILLS-MASTERCLASS" to you!


When you lack of time and/or have no need for all the details documented for you I suggest THE "DREAMTIME-MASTERCLASS" for you! You still get the full package but streamlined to the core of what you need!!!

during the past 25 years off my journey form bouldering 5A (V1) to 8C+ (V16) I learned so much. I kept continuously educating myself about physical training, nutrition, perfected technique and tactics for redpointing some of the hardest boulders in the world! I recently rediscovered for myself the importance of the "right mindset" as THE base for my enormous recent progress in my climbing, business and life in general! As a professional teacher (at university) I have the professional background and psychological knowledge of how to make yo learn something new in the most efficient way and empower you with strategies so you can keep learning and growing yourself independently. Coaching therefore was and is part of my daily job (for the last 25 years) and so it always came natural to me in climbing and bouldering as well. there are not many better things then to see your friends progressing and sending with a little bit off help at the right time at the right moment.


i have a passion for solving "problems" and that is may also my number 1 skill that enabled me to climb (nearly) all my dream-lines. n
ow you can benefit from this skill and from 25years of experience on how to get from 5A to 8C+ with a job and with beeing 40+!!!
--> mail to mailmartinkeller@gmail.com to unlock your full potential: exclusive worldwide 1:1coaching customized for YOU; exactly for what YOU need and what YOU want - no compromises; simply learn from the best!


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