Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Short video to my journey with BIG KAT, 8B+

thank you everybody for your encouraging feedback to keep going for my epic's - actually i am in the middle of another one... ;) but more to this one later....

some people have asked if i could make a short vid about the  100+ days process of my journey with BIG-KAT in addition to the more detailed blog i have written . i am not really good at doing video nor do i have the time (work you know... i rather climb when i have some time or spend time with my beautiful wife). but here you go. did put together a short flick. hope you like it. but be warned; some nudeness, screaming, desperation, cursing, and big joy at the end :)

for the full story check my blogpost below: BIG KAT, 8B+. The story to yet anther EPIC


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    1. thanks my friend :) another battle won... many to come... haha... ;)