Monday, May 9, 2016

the near send, part4 and part5

thanks to to the magic "foen-wind" a 30min drive is all you need from snowy winter in the north to sunny summer in the south.... loving swizzy :)))))

i did make perfect use of the "foen-wind"....  and did look closely why i lost this heel last time (part3), there was a little "bulb" there in the rock where i slipped, i placed to heel 5cm lower.. and it slipped not when i arrived next time up there. but to make things not too easy i did choose to go for this:

slipping from the left foothold... should not, but can happen... bad luck... blalala

30 min later on my next try i did really make it again up to there; did concentrate on my left foot AND:

... somehow i managed to copy part 4 perfectly.... so strong... hahahahah... madness is lurking around the corner... *%&"+*&/(/é£_è

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