Sunday, November 9, 2014

better days to come

i got quite some feedback about my latest blog post. thanx everybody! people were wondering what the hell was going on with me. well nothing too special. you know that life can really su*k. but mostly it's about your life, cause everybody else seems to have a hell of a good time. thats what you get when you follow your "friends" on facebook, or (no i am not on fb nor on 8X.ohno). on fb (climbing) life is just so easy, all boulders are soft, everybody is super strong, everything is second go and 6A+ at max... , there are 2day epics (sic)... but yes there are also other (climbing)people out there which don't have 24/7 the greatest fun, struggle to balance work,climbing,life - and (climbing)life can really su*k sometimes... and as it is in real life there are better days to come - that's it, that's al.


  1. Funnily enough Martin, I was thinking about you just this morning. I was awake at 5 am, watching tv and trying to get some sleep despite my poor aching knee. After 8 days I still am not able to walk, put weight on the leg, and I have to stay in bed or seated with my leg high all the time.
    Yesterday I wanted to train but was advised not to. I have lots of papers to write and books to study, and I keep going back to the last time I went climbing, the Sunday before surgery. All it took, to have a great day, was just dry rock, nice temps, new, easy problems, no much more.
    No big ticks, although. I had gone there to try and pull a rabbit out of the hat just in the last chance before the operation and the winter months that will soak the project. I didn't do it, but I tried it until bleeding, and - boy! Was it good!
    So tonight, in some kind of agony, I was thinking about your hamstring injury. About how you came back stronger from it. About how painful it must have been. About how many sleepless nights you must have had.
    I want everyhting, and I want it now. But thinking about your story gave me the perspective I was needing. I still want everything, and I want it now, but now I'm more prepared to be frustrated and to have to fight for it.
    Cheers Martin.
    I hope this difficult moment in your life will soon be over.

  2. hey lore, .... i want everything and i want it now... sounds very familiar to me... ;) but the "now" sometimes can be a bit stretched as some things you cant change and then it's just not worth to go crazy about it. and as you wrote, you have plenty of things to do. so you have time for that and when your knee is getting better you will have the time to train again. and remember: nothing is better then feeling strong... fight for it, but at the "right" time. i wish you a good recovery my friend!!!!!! cheers martin
    ps: get some chondraditin into your system for better meniscus recovery and just let you knee rest (at some point hang board-training for sure is ok) - resting (just do a little bit with your knee, but not much at all) helped my meniscus by far the most!