Monday, March 25, 2013

NEW movie site from dai koyamada (with hd-download-option)

over the time quite some people asked me if i got info's about movies/dvd's from dai koyamada (and his swizzy/europe-journeys). but his movies have been just available as dvd and mostly just available in asia. now there is a new website online with an implemented download-option for dai's climbing (bouldering) movies:
"dai's video diaries vol. 3" (the swizzy journeys) is the first movie to be there, more will follow. check it out if you are interested:

Dai’s Video Diaries Vol. 3: “The Swizzy Journeys” is about the travels before Dai Koyamada was able to climb one of the hardest boulders in the world; “The Story Of Two Worlds (Low), 8C+” at Cresciano. Follow Dai Koyamada on his journey trough the finest and hardest granite boulders Switzerland has to offer: From the second ascent of “In Search of Time Lost, 8C” at Magic Wood to the first ascent of “Dark Matter, 8B+/C” at the same area to the first ascent and never seen footage of “Deadalus Direct, 8B+/C”, and “Paradise Lost 8B+” at the beautiful high alpine area of Sustenpass. Witness a rare ascent of “From Shallow Waters To Riverbed, 8B+” at Magic Wood and Dai’s amazing climbing style while repeating the hardest problems in Cresciano and Chironico. Even if it looks sometimes like Dai is just flying trough a problem, you will also see that he has to dig deep and that there is a lot of effort and passion behind a seemingly effortless send!

but be aware that "dai' video diaries vol.3" is quite an "old skool"-movie: no bass wummering sounds, no gangster-kids, no yoga, no blablabla - just one hour of pure and hard climbing - i like ;)

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