Saturday, September 22, 2012

things weighing up...

i got a lot of feedback for my last blog-entry about the rocklands-hype. some people have been "shocked", some argued that there was a lot of "irony" in the text. well there was no irony at all in that text. irony means that you say something what you don't mean. i.e.; i really liked to see people shitting under the boulders... but i DID NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL!!! so even if i may used a "funny" language and really pointed out the facts quite prominent - i really disliked these facts (how the f**k one could NOT?!)

so why the hell i extended my "trip to hell" for two more weeks... ? well after nearly leaving earlier, i kind of learnt how to manage the "dark side of rocklands" and if you have a look at the pictures you will understand as well... ;)

angela doing the classic "mary's roof"
philippe in "tea garden roof" - pic by

africa -  pic by

back from a perfect day - pic by

"perfect" - the name says it all!
can you believe we met some people in front of that line who "refused" to climb it because it was "not in the topo" ???!!! - pic by

crazy, hard, but super funny toe-hook-beta for "weichei", pic by

6m above the ground the fun starts ;) - pic by
 toping out the tricky "shallow cave" - pic by

angela enjoying rocklands-perfection

another perfect one - pic by

and despite all the downturns mentioned in the last blog, what made me extend that trip were the moments i shared with the nice people i met. like watching dave graham on his first day ever in the rocklands - you should have seen his eyes... - like he had won the 10billion-lottery ;) getting the second ascent from micheles latest FA "how tall are you" (with my own totally crazy beta), watching andy sending his first 7A, witness johanna "i don't climb higher up then two meters" climbing an 8m highball... and having a nice breakfast and drinking coffee and tee at the legendary "hen-house" with my lovely girlfriend was just the best!

and then the for me most inspiring "climbing-moment" down there was:
pic by from jesse's blog, by tyler gross

meeting up with jesse - "it's all about motivation" - bonin (check jesse's blog; excellent writing up of his epic fights!!!) at the fireplace after his epic and finally successful battle with "the arch", 

see him getting a full champaign-shower from shannon - well done shannon ;) 

and then see him jumping into the freezing cold pool at 11pm was priceless... - go4it jesse!!!


  1. Jesse´s real beta was the suddenly increased motivation by promising him some champaign for topping out - you need a sprat to catch a mackerel :D
    greetings from Innsbruck

  2. good job with the champaign andi ;) a pity you missed the champaign-shower.... ;)