Tuesday, July 26, 2011

american sitdownstarts?!

is it a "cultural-thing"?!

the topic came up allready as the first "swizzy-movies" came out some moths ago on vimeo. "le pillier" was downgraded by the "americans", but was started three moves in... and from a standing, not from a sitdownstart --> pillier-movie

then i got a mail from my friend sebastian that there was a new american-movie out. i VERY MUCH LIKED the climbing in the movie - really NICE!!! BUT many "SIT DOWN STARTS" were just standingstarts...

sebastian and joost allready posted about that topic.

i dont really understand it. carlo is by FAR strong enough to climb all that boulders from sitting. may that really was some "cultural missunderstanding"?! i will write him a mail so he may can give some explanations...

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