Sunday, June 5, 2011


not even the first crux worked 2day - from the last move to nothing in 3days???

11am: nice view to the approaching rain-storm. the wall dried afterwards. the problem is that the holds were seeping from the inside of the bloc, and that was the probem no1!!!

 but well, I CAN NOT climb my hardest boulder EVER with wet holds - very saddly NOT... and the weatherforecast looks not as it coud dry the next days... i tried it with aluminiumfolie on the holds, everything. that works well on incutcrimps but not on my open crux-pinches.

"highlander" was dry for weeks, but now the holds in the crux seep from the inside, and it does not look like that it will dry soon - FU*K!

so it looks like i once more missed my window of opportunity, all the same this year - just a week too late - WTF??!!! may i shoud change to snooker or some other "weather-safe" sport ;)

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