Tuesday, August 30, 2005

one summer in paradise (from an older blog)

and yessssssss, after 7 boulderingdays in july and august (and 8 during mai and june), i finally got my "summer in paradise" ;)

this was a wednesday-afternoon, from which i just have one or two in a year. as i fired the first go of the day, i felt a lot stronger than the other days. i just got cold fingers on the very last moves. and then i allready was holding the last crimp in my hands as my heel slipped off and i went down to the pads - i coud have killed myself!!! then on the 2end go, i had colder fingers again and went down on the move to the second last hold (as in june!!!) well great - that was it - i never had power for more then 2go's.

then a few italiens and americans were trying the moves of "pura vida". they were asking for beta and they asked if i woud go again. so i was sitting at the sds again, but just for funn, as i was ABSOLUTLEY convinced that, after two "nearly-sends", i never woud have enough energy left! but suddenly i was in the last moves again - cold fingers again - but this time i just didnt let the crimps go - and two moves later i was on top of the block - screaming and jumping arround like a madman - a dream - my dream came true ;)

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